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標題: 改善蝴蝶蘭組培苗葉片黃化及發根不良之研究
The Improvement on Yellowing Leaf and Poor Rooting of Phalaenopsis in vitro
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 應用研究;Quality;園藝;品質;瓶內;乙烯;in vitro;Ethylene

In this project some chemicals at critical concentration will be added into medium in order to decrease leaf yellowing and to enhance rooting of phalaenopsis, respectively. There are 50 millions plants per year, however one to two cultivar(s)with symptom of leaf yellowing or poor rooting were found among 15-20 cultivars. f the problems could be resolved, not only the lost of 37.5-45 millions would save, but also the income of 37.5-45 millions would increase. It means the profit will be high to 75-90 millions each year.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.2-糧-Z8
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