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標題: 設施胡瓜有機養液栽培技術之開發研究
Study on the Production of Cucumbers by Organic Hydroponic under Protective Structures
作者: 李文汕
關鍵字: 應用研究;Organic Culture;園藝;有機栽培;胡瓜;養液栽培;Cucumber;Hydroponics
本研究利用現有試驗規模之研究成果套用於商業化規模生產,並就養液供應設備與維護管理進行修正試驗,以期建立標準栽培管理模式。另針對有機養液配方設計進行調整、測試,並開發經濟替代品及國產化之介質與養液材料。預期研究成果將可 (1) 減少天然災害之影響,穩定安全衛生蔬菜之市場供應。 (2) 紓解有機蔬菜產業發展之瓶頸,有效減少土壤病害與雜草控制問題病降低生產勞力成本。 (3) 提高安全衛生蔬菜生產效率,降低生產成本,增加生產者收益。

The objectives of this study are to utilize previous achievement of organic hydroponic techniques on commercial scale production of hygienic cucumbers so as to establish standard operation procedures. Experiments focus on medium and nutrition solution formulations design and tests will be conducted. The Anticipated benefit will be (1) to reduce climatic disasters affects and to stabilize hygienic vegetable production in tropical Taiwan. (2) to reduce barriers of soil bone diseases and weed effects on organic vegetable production. (3) to increase production efficiency, decrease labor cost and to increase total profit for hygienic vegetable production.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.2-糧-ZB
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