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標題: 斑葉鶴頂蘭育種(III)
Breeding of Variegation Phaius tankervilleae (III)
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 應用研究;<i>Phaius tankervilliae</i>;園藝;鶴頂蘭;育種;斑葉;Breeding;Variegation
Ten plants of variegation Phaius tankervilleae were selected and used as parents for breeding. There were 10 capsules were sown in vitro and will be cultured in greenhouse for the secdonary seletion with varieagtion purpose. This year, we will establish the procedure of tissue culture derived from apex and axillary of shoots and scape, then multiple propagation and rooting to product the clone of Phaius tankervilleae.

其他識別: 98農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(20)
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