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標題: 麒麟花育種與重點切花產業輔導
The Breeding of Euphorbia milii Desmoul and the Consultant on Important Florist Industry
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 應用研究;Pollen;園藝, 農業推廣類;花粉;雜交;品種;技術;Hybrid;Cultivar;Technique
本研究建立麒麟花的育種方法,如種間雜交、胚拯救以及營養系選拔並繁殖。在執行本計畫期間所開發的新品種除了提供台灣多樣化的盆花作物以外,也可在國外(如日本)試作,並授權在國外生產。 實地探訪重要花卉火鶴花、洋桔梗、菊花等產地,改進重要外銷花卉栽培技術,提升外銷競爭力。另外舉辦一場有關花卉育種與品種授權的座談會,期能整合歷年來育種研發的成果,並探討新品種授權的方式。

This project will establish breeding methods for Euphorbia milii, such as interspecies crossing, embryo rescue and clones selection and propagation. In this project, some new cultivars will be introduced for diversified commodities of pot flowers. The cultivars will also be authorized to produce in Japan. To visit and consultant cultivation for growers who produce the important cut flowers for exportation, such as anthurium, Eustoma and chrysanthemum, in order to increase the competition of exportation. A conference about 「Flower breeding and Patent Authorizing」 will be conducted. In order to collect the results about breeding during the past years and discuss the way for authorizing patent of new cultivars.
其他識別: 98農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(16)
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