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標題: Studies on Nutrition Manipulation of Calcium and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Cut Anthurium Production
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: Anthurium;火鶴花;園藝, 農業化學類;Soilless Culture;Vegetative Growth;Calcium;Phosphorus Fertilizer;無土栽培;營養生長;鈣;磷肥;應用研究
火鶴花切花生產之關鍵技術在於突破生產體系的瓶頸。合適的介質配合科技化的水分養份管理,關鍵元素的調控以提升品質,周年生產。火鶴花以發泡煉石、泡綿、水苔栽培介質,以W槽為栽植床,探討鈣肥、磷肥對營養生長之影響,除基本氮、磷、鉀及微量元素外,分別以鈣肥氯化鈣CaCl2 30、60、90、120 ppm及磷肥Na2HPO4•7H2 O 0、31、62、93ppm等養液進行研究,以期建立穩定的切花生產體系。

The key point techniques for cut anthurium production have to meet the requirement of breakthrough on production system bottleneck in Taiwan. The suitable medium combine the scientific management of essential elements to look forward to promote quality and to produce year around. The cultural medium including calcined clay, granulated sponge and sphagnum moss will be installed in W shape cultivation bed. The experiments would be conducted with calcium chloride CaCl2 30、60、90、120 ppm and phosphorus fertilizer Na2HPO4•7H2O 0、31、62、93 ppm together with the basal N、P、K and microelements solution .The vegetative growth changes due to phosphate and calcium management will be pursued to stable production system.
其他識別: 98農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(12)
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