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標題: 柿豐產優質及採收後處理技術之研究
Studies on High Productivity Techniques of Persimmon
作者: 謝慶昌
關鍵字: 甜柿;Persimmon;園藝, 農產運銷;低溫貯藏;品質;營養;柿餅;嫁接;枝梢生長;應用研究;Low Temperature Storage;Quality;Nutrition;Dried Persimmon;Graftin;Shoot Growth
Sweet persimmon is the most important commercial fruit crop of Taiwan according to high return. The development potential for sweet persimmon in Taiwan is limited due totheir incompatibility with rootstock, lacking in leaf nutrient standard, no information about crop load, serious physiological disorder, and high perishability. Our objective is to make appropriate selection from different lines for rootstock, to establish optimum leaf nutrient status and levels of crop loading, to decrease hysiological disorder in fruit by cultivation practices, and to improve postharvest handling technology. Furthermore, the management program for stable yield, high quality and storability is obtained.Taiwan's dried persimmon processing which is mainly distributed in Miaoli, Hsinchu and Chiayi region, but Chiayi has the best source of dried persimmon processingcompare to Miaoli and Hsinchu , Although there is slight different in processing technology in different county, there is no obvious difference in the quality of the driedpersimmon. The collection of the dried persimmon is currently and in progress, and the grafts appraisal screening method, the seasonal survival rate, and the feasibility of the cultivars for development of dried persimmon, to enhance the quality of the persimmonorchardist dried persimmon is our ultimate objective.improvement of the persimmon orchardist dried persimmon quality as the ultimate objective.

其他識別: 98農科-4.2.2-糧-Z1(7)
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