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標題: Development of Technology for Seedless Grape Poduction and Improvement of Kyoho Grape Quality
作者: 陳秉訓
關鍵字: Grape;葡萄;園藝;Seedless;Molecular Marker;Girdling;無子;分子標誌;環刻;應用研究
The major objective of this project is to develop techniques to produce seedless Kyoho grape to improve its competitive ability and to develop a suitable culture system for the Kyoho seedless mutant to increase the possibility of commercializing this mutant. DNA molecular markers can be used as an early selection tool for hybrid progeny which will improve breeding efficiency and reduce the breeding cost. This study will develop a seedless-linked marker for Kyoho-related cultivars which will be very helpful for tetraploid grape breeding. The main works in the 98 fiscal year include:1. Development of technique to induce seedlessness in Kyoho grapes. Induced seedless Kyoho grape will benefit farmers and the grape industry 2.Berry enlargement of seedless grapes and the seedless Kyoho mutant by plant growth regulators. 3.Searching molecular markers linked to the seedless trait in the seedless Kyoho mutant. The marker will be very helpful for new seedless Kyoho line grape breeding. 4. Breeding new triploid seedless grapes.Another major objective of this project is to develop a girlding method to improve berry quality of Kyoho grapevine. Rootstocks have remarkable effects on vine growth and berry production, as well as berry coloration and quality. As observed in the vineyard, some rootstock scion combinations, e.g. Kyoho on 1202, produced high yeild and large berries with poor color under double cropping system in Taiwan's warm subtropical climate. Previous results indicated that girdling can improve berry color of the summer crop in Kyoho for double cropping system. The effect is likely variable among different rootstock scion combinations. The main works include: 1)to identify the effects of differnet rootstock/scion combinations on grape berry growth and quality. 2)to examine the effects of girdling on fruit coloration and quality under different rootstock/scion combinations and to evaluate the potential of girdling treatment in the double cropping system in Taiwan's subtropical climate. 3) to develop the best girdling procedule and the best rootstock/scion combination for the application of girdling.

其他識別: 98農科-4.2.2-糧-Z1(9)
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