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標題: 紅粗肋草之種苗量產
Plantlets Production of Red Aglaonema
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 單節扦插;one-node cutting;生物技術, 園藝;微體繁殖;紅粗肋草;技術發展;micropropagation;Red Aglaonema
Red Aglaonema is a new ornamentals. However, the propagating rate is low and the plant is expensive. Red Aglaonema was introduced in Taiwan and was suitable in the South of Taiwan. Red Aglaonema was exported to the Europe successfully by the Association of Pot Flowers. In this project, the tissue culture method combining with one-node cutting method will be established for Red Aglaonema plantlets production. It is expected to develop a new exporting ornamental of Taiwan.

其他識別: 99農科-5.4.2-糧-Z7
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