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標題: Tissue Culture of Erycina Pussila
作者: 張正
關鍵字: regeneration;再生;生物技術, 園藝;tissue culture;Erycina pussila;組織培養;扇形文心蘭;技術發展
扇形文心蘭為文心蘭近緣屬的原生蘭花,因花朵大而美麗,幼年期短,可在試管內開花,基因組小,染色體數少等原因。為國內外重要發展成為觀賞性試管蘭花及蘭花基礎研究的重要物種。 本研究著重發展扇形文心蘭的組織培養方法,預定執行三年,本年度為第一年。 本年度的重點工作將選取花莖做為培植體,以花莖節芽及花莖頂芽為培植體,試驗培養基組成份及不同的培養方法,以建立扇形文心蘭的初代培養方法。並生成試管養無菌的營養系的組培養,以供給下一步做為扇形文心蘭大量增殖研究的試驗材料。

The Erycina pusilla is a tropical miniature orchid that is a allied of Oncidium. The Erycina pusilla is a significant plant for orchid flowering studies because of its rapid growth and its ability to reach maturity in a brief period, samll DNA content, fewer chromosome number, higher ferquency in vitro flowering. The orchid now is a important specie for industry developemnt and basal reserach on orchid biology.The project will be carried out three years for establishment the methods of tissue culture for mass propagation. The work of this year, my term will estabish the primary culture method, including test and select the optimal explants, try the media consistant induction the bud development, and produce the clone seeding in vitro. The clone will be use the proliferation test in the next year.
其他識別: 99農科-1.1.1-糧-Z2(10)
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