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標題: 扇形文心蘭花色育種
Flower Color Breeding of Erycina Pussila
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 技術發展;breeding;園藝, 生物技術;育種;扇形文心蘭;試管花;花色;Erycina pusilla;in vitro flowering;flower color
This project will be carried out on the improvement of flower color genetics of Erycina pussila in the future three years, and will creat new elite cultivars which can bear non-yellow flower in vitro. The new Erycina cultivars will be used for commercial gift product, the ornamental, shipping and cultivation characteristic also be estimated during the breeding produrce. In the first year, our term will carry out the first step of breeding precudure to collect the optimal parents, that have the characterisitics of drawf plant, bore not-yellow flower, blooming ease and well cultivation. Second step, our term will test cross between Erycina pussila and the collected parents and established basal of genetics information, including pollen germination in vitro, examine chromose number and the DNA contents. Third step, the fruitation of cross combination will be recorded, and collect the optimal mature capsules for examine the seed and sown in vitro for check the fertiliaztion ability and grow the hybreed seedling. Fourth step, the hybird seedling will be nurse well for waiting selection in the coming year.

其他識別: 99農科-4.2.2-糧-Z3(8)
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