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標題: 利用鵝鑾鼻燈籠草種間雜交和疊氮化鈉誘變開發重瓣長壽花
Introduce New Double Kalanchoe via Interspecic Crossing and Nan3 Mutation of Kalanchoe Garambiensis Kudo
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: Kalanchoe garambiensis;技術發展;農藝;interspecific hybrid;NaN3;Chemical mutation;Double kalanchoes
In the 1st year of the project, the double or single cultivars of kalanchoes will be crossedreciprocally, selfed and back crossed, in order to understand the genetics of double petals, andto select suitable double cultivars introduced from the Netherlands or Danmark for developingnew double kalanchoes. In addition, ‘Beacon' and ‘Sunrise' bred in the previous project willbe used as explants for NaN3 mutation researches. At the different stages of plant tissueculture, explants will be treated with NaN3. The suitable treatment and good mutants will beselected for further studies. In the 2nd year, the selected double kalanchoes will be crossedwith the inbred lines of K. garambiensis selected from the previous project. Good plants willbe selected and then will be treated by the suitable mutation method used for singlekalanchoes last year.At the 3rd year, the selected good plants will be propagated by cutting method and theseclones will be evaluated again. Then application following the “Guidelines of Inspection ofNew Kalanchoe” will be conducted. At last, 3 new cultivars at least will be authorized togrowers.

本計畫在第一年先以重瓣或單瓣長壽花品種進行正、反交、自交以及回交,以瞭解重瓣基因之遺傳特性;並篩選荷蘭或丹麥的重瓣長壽花品種作為重瓣育種的優良親本。另外以先期計畫育出的‘燈塔’和‘日出’品種為材料進行疊氮化鈉誘變育種,分別在組織培養再生植株的各階段中處理疊氮化鈉,建立最適當的處理方法,並選擇優良的變異株。在第二年的計畫中,則以第一年所選出的重瓣親本與先期計畫育出之鵝鑾鼻燈籠草自交系雜交,並選拔優良單株。選出的單株再以前一年單瓣長壽花誘變試驗中誘變效率最好的方法進行誘變育種,並選出優良的變異株。第三年的工作則是將選出的優良實生苗或變異株進行扦插,繁殖成營養系後再評估營養系的產業價值,最後將優良營養系依「長壽花品種檢定」規範進行品種比較試驗,並辦理品種授權,本計畫結束預計可授權3 個以上的新品種。
其他識別: NSC100-2313-B005-002
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