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標題: 木質材料之氣化能源回收利用(III)
Gasification of Wood-Based Materials for Energy Recovery (III)
作者: 吳耿東
關鍵字: 應用研究;Biomass;林業類, 材料科技, 能源工程;生質物;木質材料;氣化;合成氣;能源回收;Wood-Based Materials;Gasification;Syngas;Energy Recovery
目前我國為95%以上能源仰賴進口之國家,降低進口能源所帶來之衝擊,減少對於化石燃料之依賴實為根本之道,因此,政府已訂定明確的再生能源發展目標,其中生質物是我國除傳統水力能外最重要的再生能源來源,不僅有利於環境保護,且兼具能源回收的效益。 氣化程序屬熱化學轉換反應,係在高溫下進行非催化性的部分氧化反應,將含碳物質(如生質物、廢棄物或煤炭等)轉換成以氣態燃料為主,可供利用的能源,兼具環保與能源效益,已成為全球生質能源利用的關鍵技術之一。本計畫之主要目標即在開發木質材料氣化回收能源技術,探討利用氣化合成氣進行電熱利用、轉化成生質燃料或化學品之可行性,本計畫去(96)年度已完成建立木質材料氣化系統及操控條件,並提昇氣化操作效率及合成氣品質,同時探討木質材料氣化污染物形成機制與排放抑制之方法。本計畫今年度之目標主要為建構木質材料氣化合成氣作為鍋爐或發電機組燃料之應用;以及建立氣化爐焦油取樣檢測系統與方法,進行焦油轉換程序。

Because Taiwan is not rich in land-based energy resources, the ratio of imported energy is above 95% at present. In order to decrease the amount of utilization of fossil fuel, the target share has set by the government for renewable energy. The biomass is the most important renewable energy beside conventional hydropower in Taiwan. Energy recovery from biomass can not only benefit the environment but also make profits from energy produced. Gasification, the environmental-beneficial process, defined as the conversion of carbonaceous feedstock, e.g. biomass or waste, by partial oxidation at elevated temperature, has been considered as a core technology to recover energy from biomass in the world. This study is to investigate the feasibility of developing a biomass gasification system for wood-based materials in order to employ the biomass-derived syngas for utilization of heat and power and conversion of biofuels and bio-based chemicals. The following tasks have been carried out in FY2007 including (1) establishing a biomass gasification system for wood-based materials to provide necessary information for engineering design and operation of biomass gasifiers; (2) Enhancing the efficiency of biomass gasification and improving the quality of syngas; and (3) Investigating formation and control of pollutants from the biomass gasification process for wood-based materials. The objectives of this study in FY2008 are (1) Evaluating application technology by using the wood-based material-derived syngas for boilers and the power generation system; (2) Establishing a tar sampling method and system to investigate tar removal and conversion from the syngas.
其他識別: 98農科-8.4.1-務-e2(1)
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