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標題: 木質材料產製生物可分解性聚乳酸高分子材料之研究(III)
Study on Manufacturing of Biodegradable Polylactide from Lignocellolsic Materials (III)
作者: 蘇裕昌
關鍵字: 應用研究;Organosolov;林業類, 材料科技;有機溶劑製漿;稻草;乳酸;聚乳酸;Rice Straw;Lactic Acid;Polylactide, PLA
合成高分子材料帶給人們生活上的便利,但大多數合成產品不具生物分解性,而有大量高分子材料的廢棄物產生,對生態環境造成嚴重的影響。本研究擬以木質材料為原料,在如進行製漿等前處理後,将纖維醣化後所產生之葡萄糖,經由化學及微生物醱酵等反應生產成乳酸,再將乳酸聚合形成聚乳酸後進行紙品機能性加工如將其塗佈或含浸於原紙上、或製成纖維狀加入紙漿中,使其紙品成為多功能之特殊機能行產品如:抗水性產品、免洗餐具、高強度紙品等製造顗應附農業用包裝市場等之利用、或作為作為生物可分解塑膠的製造以替代目前常用之防水及耐久性佳但塑膠產品,以減低塑膠對環境之衝擊,達到失職 材料的有效利用,達到可節省能源(Reduce)、可重複使用(Reuse)及可再生循環(Recycle)等之材料使用之 3 R原則,使國內造紙產品多元化,並提升附加價值。

Synthetic polymer materials bring convenience to people's live, but most synthetic products don't have biodegradability, hence causing problems when large quantities of polymer materials are discarded which severely impact the environments. In this study, we aim to use wood as raw material, after pretreatment such as pulping etc. to saccharify fibers and produce glucose, which in turn through chemical and microbial fermentation reactions become lactic acid. Lactic acid can be polymerized and used to convert paper products through coating or impregnating of base sheets or by producing PLA fibers and add them to paper stock to functionalize the products, such as waterproofing paper wares, disposable food containers, high strength paper etc to meet the need of agricultural packaging requirements or produce biodegradable plastic to replace the currently used waterproofing and durable plastic wares, thus reducing the adverse impact of plastics on the environment. These objectives also achieve effective utilization of biomass materials, allowing the attainment of the 3 R principle; i.e., reduce energy use, reuse and recycle. It shall also contribute toward the diversification and value-addition of products for the paper industry.
其他識別: 98農科-8.4.1-務-e2(5)
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