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標題: 木質材料焙燒與炭化應用於農業資材之開發(1)
Torrefaction and Carbonization of Woody Materials in Applying for Farm Chemicals and Materials (1)
作者: 吳耿東
關鍵字: 應用研究;Woody Materials;林業類;木質材料;碳化;焙燒;土壤改良;Carbonation;Torrefaction;Soil Amendments
台灣擁有豐富的森林資源,可轉換為可用之綠色化學品及農業資材,新近發展的焙燒技術可將木質生質物於一大氣壓且缺氧之環境下進行低溫碳化,操作溫度介於200oC至300oC,最終之產品為固體之生物碳,即焙燒生質物,可應用於農業土壤以及環境保護,並具固碳功能。因此,本計畫選定木質材料,利用焙燒及炭化技術,開發生物碳作為土壤改良材料等綠色化學品及農業資材之產品,以期能建立木質材料再利用之技術,並可藉以提高國產木材之利用效率,達到森林永續經營之目的。本計畫之主要目的為(1) 完成木質材料焙燒、炭化處理及產品性質分析;(2) 完成焙燒、炭化處理木質材料對土壤改良分析;(3) 完成焙燒、炭化處理木質材料對植物生長促進分析。

Taiwan is rich in forest resources. The forest products can be converted into green chemicals and agricultural materials for wide application. Recently, torrefaction technology is developed to enhance the application of forest products. It is a thermochemical pre-treatment of biomass at around 200oC to 300oC under atmospheric conditions and in the absence of oxygen. The final product is called biochar or torrefied biomass. The biocahr can assist in retaining carbon, nutrients and water in soils.? In order to establish the re-use technology for woody biomass, and enhance the utilization efficiency of domestic forest products, this study is to investigate the feasibility of torrefaction and carbonization of woody materials in applying for farm chemicals and materials.? The objectives of this study are (1) Establishing torrefaction and carbonization technologies for woody materials, and analyzing the torrefied and carbonized products; (2) Investigating soil amendments by using biochar from torrefaction and carbonization of woody materials; (3) Evaluating plant growth promotion by using biochar from torrefaction and carbonization of woody materials.
其他識別: 99農科-8.4.1-務-e3(4)
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