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標題: 以植物油為基質功能性木材塗料之研發
Research and Development of Vegetable Oil-Based Functionalized Wood Coatings
作者: 盧崑宗
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究;Vegetable oil;Urethane oil;Organic-inorganic hybrid materials;Antibacterial activity;Functionalized wood coatings
由於市場之需求且因應目前化石原料價格飆漲,環保意識強烈的現實環境,以天然再生資源之植物油為基質,開發出可簡易施工與維護,並具有耐熱、抑菌等功能性之高品質木材塗料,係迎合市場需求的可行途徑,同時因塗料品質之提升及賦予塗膜功能性,可以延長木製品使用年限,降低碳素釋出,盡地球一份子的環保責任。本計劃以常溫下即可行氧化聚合而乾燥的乾性油,包括亞麻仁油(linseed oil)、脫水蓖麻油(dehydrate castor oil)及桐油(tung oil)等為基質,將其分別進行改質,製備滲透型之油性木材塗料。計劃共分三年,第一年為胺酯化油(urethane oil)之合成,第二年為耐熱性有機-無機混成(organic-inorganic hybrid)油性塗料之開發,第三年則探討具抑菌性之含金屬胺酯化油的研發與應用。重要研究內容如下:(一)甘油酯之製備與胺酯化油木材塗料之調配與性質分析。(二)以溶膠-凝膠法合成有機-無機混成材料與油性木材塗料之調配及性質分析。(三)含金屬胺酯化油之合成與性質分析。(四)樹脂與塗料性質分析包括黏度、顏色、流變性(rheology)、GPC 之分子量與分散度分析、FTIR 分析、NMR 之結構鑑定及乾燥時間。(五)塗膜性質分析:硬度、附著性、拉伸強度、耐衝擊性、抗彎曲性、光澤度、耐光性、耐水性、耐化學藥品性、冷熱循環試驗、戶外耐候及防腐試驗、示熱差掃描分析(DSC)、動態機械分析(DMA)、熱重損失分析(TGA)、FTIR分析、掃瞄式電子顯微鏡(SEM)及抗菌活性等。

Due to the market demands and high price of fossil oil as well as the strongenvironmental protection sense, based on a natural resource vegetable oil to developan easy application and maintenance functionalized wood coatings possess heatresistance and antibacterial activity has been the main way suited for the marketdemands. Meanwhile, the life of wood products could be extended owing to the highquality as well as the functional properties of wood coatings. Therefore, it couldreduce the carbon releasing and do a responsible for protecting the globalenvironment. In this project, the drying oils including linseed oil, dehydrate castor oiland tung oil which could be curing by oxidative polymerization at room temperature,were used as based materials for preparing permeating type oil wood coatings. Thestudies will be examined for the coming three years. The first year will be concernedwith the synthesis of urethane oil; the second year will study on the development oforganic-inorganic hybrid oil wood coatings possessed heat resistance; the third yearwill be focused on the metal-containing urethane oil with antibacterial activity.Detailed statements of this project are summarized as follows:1. Preparation of glycerides and formulating and characterization of urethane oil woodcoatings.2. Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid material by sol-gel process and formulatingand characterization of oil type wood coatings.3. Synthesis and characterization of metal-containing urethane oil.4. Characterization of resins and coatings including viscosity, color, rheology, GPCanalysis, FTIR analysis, NMR analysis and drying time.5. Characterization of films including hardness, adhesion, tensile strength, impactresistance, mandrel flexibility test, gloss, lightfastness, water and solvent resistance,hot and cold cycles test, DSC analysis, DMA analysis, TGA analysis, FTIR analysis,SEM inspection, and antibacterial activity test.
其他識別: NSC100-2313-B005-020-MY3
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