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標題: 氣候變遷對森林枯枝落葉分解和碳氮磷鈣動態的影響
Effects of Climate Change on Litter Decomposition, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Calcium Dynamics
作者: 劉瓊霦
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Acid deposition;林業類, 農業環境保護;酸沉降;生物地質化學;森林生態系;枯枝落葉;溫度;Biogeochemistry;Forest ecosystem;Litter;Temperature

Increases in atmospheric acid deposition and temperature over the past decades have raisedconcerns over nitrogen (N) retention and carbon (C) and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems.The purpose of the project is to understand how acid deposition and temperature interaction toaffect ecosystem C, N, P, and Ca cycling and to assess the ability of lime to counteract thateffect, We will collect litter from the Mt. N. Tungyen hardwood stand. Acid deposition issimulated by periodic ammonium sulfate additions (N+S). Other treatments include control(ref) (no additions or reference) and ammonium sulfate plus lime (lime). Fresh litter will becollected from treatment plots in November. Air-dried litter is weighed, and placed in nylonlitter bags. Litter bags were placed in the chambers in March. Mass loss, C, N, P and Cadynamics were followed for 3 years. The research will start with monitoring the litterdecomposition include organic and inorganic nutrients under climate change. Thisinvestigation would help us to realize the effects of enhanced acid deposition and temperatureon vegetation diversity and forest ecosystems. Results could provide the primary data fordiscussing biogeochemistry cycling under the global scale.
其他識別: NSC99-2313-B005-012
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