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標題: 航遙測技術於監測森林酸雨危害之應用研究
Application of Remote Sensing Technologies to Monitor the Potential Adverse Effects of Acid Rain on Forests
作者: 黃凱易
關鍵字: 應用研究;Acid Rain;林業類, 自然生態保育;酸雨;遙感探測;地理資訊系統;規整差植生指標;變遷偵測分析;相對輻射糾正;多變量統計;Remote Sensing, RS;Geographic Information System, GIS;Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, NDVI;Change Detection Analysis;Relative Radiometric Normalization;Multivariate Statistics
計畫目標係利用3S技術,藉由GIS融合多層、多譜、多時感測的遙測影像和GPS實地調查資料,擴大空間尺度與範圍,以驗證遙測在酸雨危害檜木林偵測與辨識之效用。同時評估目前台灣北部地區檜木林受到酸雨侵蝕危害之程度,俾能提供重要參考資訊,據以擬定妥善對策及方法,緩解酸雨危害檜木林的潛在問題。計畫實施方法包括: (1) 採集資料與建立圖層資料庫;(2) 多期影像相對輻射糾正和變遷偵測分析; (3) 搜尋及測定酸雨危害檜木林樣區; (4) 分析酸雨危害檜木林光譜及環境特性; (5) 建立模式與測繪評估。計畫預期效益有: (1) 大幅減少地面調查面積並節省作業經費和時間;(2) 可長期持續監測,瞭解危害程度的演變並評估後續解決方案的效用。(3) 篩選出「嚴重受害區」及「潛在受害區」,林務單位可集中資源處理佔有較小比例之受害區域。

The goal of the project will be to confirm the effectiveness of 3S technonogies for detecting and identifying Taiwan Cypree forest areas impaired by acid rain. Simultaneously, the project will evaluate which degree and extent of Taiwan Cypree forest impaired by acid rain to provide important information to the Forest Bureau for making a decision how to solve the potential problem with acid rain.The project will take the procedure with following steps, including (1) data collection and data base construction; (2) relative radiometric normalization and change detection of multi-date imagery; (3) search and locating Taiwan Cypress forests impaired by acid rain; (4) analyses of spectral and environmental characteristics for the forest type impared by acid rain; (5) construction of predicting models and assessment of predicting results.The project will have the following expected benefits: (1) substantially reducing the area of field survey and thus saving much cost and time; (2) allowing a lon-term monitoring the chane of impaired areas and assessing the effectiveness of the measure taken by decision makers; (3) allowing decision makers to concentrate their resources on severely impaired areas and potentially impaired areas occupying a smaller percentage of the total study area.
其他識別: 98農科-8.7.1-務-e2
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