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標題: 高性能生物複合材料-木材塑膠複合材芯合板之研製
The Development and Manufacture of High-Performance Bio-Based Composite: Wood-Plastic Composite Core Plywood
作者: 吳志鴻
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究;wood-plastic composite core plywood;interface property;heat treatment;chemical modification;durability
為配合環境保育及永續經營的觀念,資源再利用勢在必行,因此,如何有效的利用木質材料,實為一重要的研究主題。其中,木材塑膠複合材芯合板(Wood-plastic composite core plywood, WPCP)即為一相當具潛力的方法。本計畫擬以單板、木質粒片以及回收型塑膠為材料,除探討一次熱壓成型法製備WPCP 之可行性外,並分析板芯密度、單板厚度及塑膠類別對複合材各項性質之影響。而在複合材界面性質方面,本計畫擬利用熱處理(Heat treatment)及化學改質(Chemical modification)等方式改善木質粒片/塑膠以及單板/WPC 間之界面性質,並應用紅外線光譜、近紅外線光譜、固態核磁共振光譜、掃描式電子顯微鏡及熱分析等儀器,分析單板及木粒片經改質處理後,其板材結構特性、化學性質及熱性質等變化。此外,並將所製得之WPCP,藉由生物性(Biotic)及非生物性(Abiotic)危害試驗,評估複合材之生物劣化性與耐久性。

Due to the gradual disappearance of global forest resources, an innovation ofusing and recycling of natural materials is necessitated to meet the environmentconservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Therefore, one ofthe unprecedented challenges in the wood products industry is how to improve theproperty and performance of the wood products using the woody materials. Amongthe known methods of woody material utilization, the manufacture of wood-plasticcomposite core plywood (WPCP) is capable of becoming one of the most potentialmethods. Thus, the purpose of this project is to develop and manufacture WPCPfrom veneer, woody particle and recycled plastic by one-step hot press molding.Accordingly, the physical and mechanical properties of WPCP are determined asfunctions of composite core density, veneer thickness and plastic type. On the otherhand, heat treatment and chemical modification are used to improve the interfaceproperty between woody particle and plastic as well as between WPC and veneer inthis study. And the influences of chemical properties, structure characteristics andthermal properties are analyzed by FTIR, NIR, solid state NMR, SEM and thermalanalyzers, etc. Furthermore, to understand the biodecay and durability of WPPC, thebiotic and abiotic damage trials are also carried out in this project.
其他識別: NSC100-2313-B005-019
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