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標題: 臺灣主要造林樹種成分對代謝症候群之調節活性開發 (3)
Investigation and Development of Syndrome X Regulation Activity by Extracts from Represented Plantation Trees in Taiwan (3)
作者: 王升陽
關鍵字: 應用研究;Plantation Tree;林業類;造林木;活性成分;代謝症候群;Bioactivity Compounds;Syndrome X
代謝症候群又稱做syndrome X,是一種源自於代謝產生的脂質及非脂質特徵的聚集,常與心血管疾病危險因子的聚集現象相關。在過去幾年的研究中,臺灣的研究團隊已自本土造林樹種分離鑑定出許多生物活性的成分,是否可以進一步地開發其對代謝症候群的調節活性,則是本計畫之研究重點。因次在此規劃三年的計畫中,將先以細胞中與膽固醇及脂肪酸生成有關的酵素為調節目標,先將一系列由造林樹種中所獲得的抽出物及主要成分對其進行活性評估,並探討這些成分確切的作用機制;接下來並將以不同的動物模式,對所篩選出具調節代謝症候活性成分進行活性確認;最後,並將同時評估具活性抽出物及活性成分在動物體內的安全劑量,以作為未來開發成醫療保健產品的準備。我們認為本計畫的執行可將過去幾年所累積的研究成果進一步地開發成產品,並有效解決已屆成林之造林木利用問題,賦予林產特產物新的意義與價值。

Syndrome X, sometime called metabolic syndrome, it is a cluster of metabolic abnormalities, including insulin resistance, high blood levels of triglycerides, low blood levels of HDL-cholesterol, and obesity that increase the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. In the past few years, several bioactive phytocomounds had been identified and illustrated from the plantation trees in Taiwan by our local research teams. To further develop and investigate the syndrome X regulation activity by extracts from represented plantation trees, the in vitro and in vivo bio-assays will be performed to evaluate the syndrome X regulation activity by dominant compounds isolated from represented plantation trees in this purposed research project. ?The results obtained from this study are expected to provide useful information on a better understanding of the bio-activities and potential effects and functions of the plantation trees extracts. The information may provide valuable baseline and specific guidance for the development of these herbs as “nutraceuticals” for syndrome X patient.
其他識別: 100農科-8.4.1-務-e1(3)
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