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標題: 以『創新服務』為導向之智慧型手機的產業暨商務應用研究與平台開發
Innovative Service Based Smartphone Research and Platform Development for Industrial and Business Applications
作者: 張樹之
關鍵字: 工業工程類;應用研究;E-Commerce;E-Catalogue;SOC;Web Feed;Web Services;Platform Development;Mashup;Asynchronous Communication;Smartphone;Backup;Grid Computing
在電子商務蓬勃發展的時代,許多的訊息透過電子郵件來傳送,但因垃圾郵件(Spam)大量出現,重要資訊常因垃圾郵件而無法傳達給使用者。 本計畫第一年研究將研發一個整合 服務導向架構、普遍式計算、多模式系統 (Multimodal System)、與新興網路科技為基礎的系統架構與應用範型,以解決此行銷推廣的實際問題,以達到有效地傳送電子型錄給消費者之目的。本研究第二年使用 3G、3.5G、與WiMAX 無線網路,開發以智慧型手機為伺服器的網路架構,及對應的應用程式。 由於智慧型手機的成本較一般伺服器低廉且俱備可攜性,本研究可讓使用者有較低的網站架設門檻、即時回應使用者需求的優點、和簡便的商品上架介面,進而提昇商務網站的多樣性及便利性。本計畫另一個重要工作是將第一年研究開發的商務應用與開發平台,從一般伺服器運作環境移遷(Port)至智慧型手機伺服器運作環境。 此項重要移遷工作是為第三年研究之網格運算(GridComputing)的整合運用與管理作準備。本研究第三年將採用普遍式計算技術,融入網格運算的觀念,以設計開發一個將『智慧型手機技術』與『新興資通訊技術』加以整合的系統架構,並探討此架構的可行性及其應用面。 本研究也將探討伺服器服務中斷的因應之道,以求提昇服務的穩定度和延續性。 經由智慧型手機伺服器的備援機制,以確保當智慧型手機伺服器停止服務時,使用者需要的服務不會因此而中斷。

Nowadays, important messages such as electronic catalogues sent by companies maynot be effectively conveyed to target customers because of various problems, includinginformation overload, spam, and others. In this respect, the Internet is just like a “wildjungle”which can not be effectively and securely managed or regulated. To resolve or atleast to ease this issue, by integrating the service oriented architecture with the web feedtechnology an electronic commerce (EC) platform will be designed and implemented in thefirst year of this proposed research to enhance company-to-customer communications. Thedesign of this platform will take advantage of the state-of-the-art Internet marketingapproaches (e.g., the 1-on-1 marketing and the personalization techniques) for helpingcompanies to pushing important product and service information to their customers. Suchenhanced company-to-customer communications can ultimately improve customers'satisfaction and their repurchase rate. Nevertheless, the proposed EC platform can alsosupport the cross-organizational collaborations for participants in a collaborative commerceenvironment to improve their efficiency and quality of their business activities.In the second year, 3G, 3.5G, and WiMAX network technology will be utilized todevelop the smartphone based server and network application architecture. The smartphoneis not only portable but less expensive than a regular server, and additionally, usingsmartphone might be very responsive to customers'requests or communication events sincesmartphones can be carried by business owners all the times. This project will providefriendly user interface and matching EC services to business owners so they can efficientlyand effectively create and manage their web pages and websites. Another important task forthe second year research is to port the e-catalogue service developed in year 1 to thissmartphone based server environment, so that our third year plan about Grid Computing canbe continued more smoothly.The third year research will combine Pervasive Computing with the concept of GridComputing to design and develop the system architecture which integrates smartphonetechnology with state-of-the-art information and communication technologies. Thefeasibility and applicability of this proposed architecture will be investigated in this researchas well. Nevertheless, this research will deal with important issues of service reliability,application stability, and business continuity. A novel approach of using stand-by (orsecondary) server to handle customer requests while the primary smartphone server is notavailable will be designed and investigated in this research. The design goal of this stand-byserver is to provide customers with uninterrupted services so the business revenue will notbe reduced because of the primary smartphone server's down time.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-058-MY3
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