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標題: 模擬退火演算法在地下水復育優選問題之應用
The Application of Simulated Annealing GroundWater Remedation Problem
作者: 葉恩仲
Yeh, En-chung
關鍵字: simulated annealing;模擬退火;groundwater remedation;optimization;地下水復育;最佳化
出版社: 環境工程學系

The optimization problems of groundwater remediation system have the feature that the objective function and constraints may be noncovex as well as nonlinear. Classical gradient-based algorithms including nonlinear programming and descent methods have not been successful in solving such kind of problems. In general, these methods converge to a local optimum easily.
Simulated annealing (SA)is one of the heuristic algorithms which have becmoe the most widely used tool for solving many optimization problems. These methods, such as genetic algorithms (GA), simulated annealing and tabu search, are well-known by their capability of global search. In this paper, SA is introduced and applied to the optimization of groundwater management problems cast in combinational form and a new hybrid model GA-SA which combines GA and SA is also developed. In the hybrid model, GA is served as a coarse-grained optimizer, then SA served as a fine-grained optimizer.
The results show that the performance of hybrid model is more efficient and robust than SA.
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