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標題: 資訊系統服務便利性影響協同產品商務成功之研究-以IC設計公司為例
How IS-Servcon Affects Success of Collaborative Product Commerce- An Investigation of IC Design Houses
作者: 賴榮裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;Collaborative product commerce;管理科學;協同產品商務成功;資訊系統服務便利性;資訊系統成功;新產品開發;量表發展;使用者滿意度;Information system service convenience(IS-SERVCON);New product development;Scale development;User satisfaction
資訊系統服務便利性影響協同產品商務成功之研究:以IC設計公司為例How IS-SERVCON affects success of collaborative product commerce: aninvestigation of IC design houses摘要由於全球市場激烈競爭、人力成本不斷提高,新產品開發(new productdevelopment, NPD)已是企業增加競爭優勢的重要策略。而新產品開發也隨著複雜的開發過程與資訊科技的應用逐漸走向協同產品商務(collaborat iveproduct commerce, CPC),它是透過運用資訊科技,建立一特定價值鏈以降低地域與群聚之效應,進而分享技術與經驗,來達成產品研發、設計、製造等協同合作之目的。然而,在此開發的複雜過程中,不免有因為跨地理區域、部門或跨組織之緣故,導致各種協同上許多決策、存取、利益等不便利的問題。可以理解的是,有效運用資訊系統/科技提供完整與便利的資訊服務,將有助於簡化各同協同活動,進而改善整體之效率,增加協同產品商務成功之機率。因此,本研究首先應用行銷領域中服務便利性(serviceconvenience) 概念, 嘗試提出「資訊系統服務便利性(informat ionsystem-service convenience, IS-SERVCON)」概念,進而發展出衡量資訊系統服務便利性量表。接著,探討資訊系統服務便利性與資訊系統成功(ISsuccess)之關係。除此之外,更進一步探討資訊系統服務便利性如何影響協同產品商務成功—改善個人績效、增加使用者滿意與再使用率。本研究所發展之量表與其相關理論架構,不但可以作為從業者於進行協同產品商務時,如何確資訊系統服務便利性以提高成功之機率,並且可以作為後續資訊系統服務便利性與協同產品商務成功相關研究的理論依據與比較基礎。

How IS-SERVCON affects success of collaborative product commerce: aninvestigation of IC design housesAbstractDue to high compet it ion of global market and increasing labor costs, newproduct development (NPD) is becoming an important strategy for firms togain compet it ive advantages. Meanwhile, along with the various applicat ionsof informat ion system/technology (IS/IT), new product development seemsgradually transforming into collaborat ive product commerce (CPC) whichutilizes IS/IT to implement a specific value chain in order to reduce thelimitat ion of geographical and cluster issues and fulfill the purpose ofcollaborat ion to share knowledge and experience in processes of productresearch, design, and manufacturing. In this context of complex processes ofnew product development, issues about asynchronizat ion will occur and lead toinefficiency and inconvenience in decision, transact ion, access, andcoordinat ion probably due to the limitat ion of geographical and organizat ionalboundaries. Conceivably, making good use of IS/IT to provide convenientinformat ion service is helpful to boost collaboration and make it more efficient,finally affects success of collaborat ive product commerce. Hence, thisresearch aims to propose a new concept of informat ion system-serviceconvenience (IS-SERVCON) originated from market ing area, and pioneers todevelop a well-validated instrument for measuring it. Then, this study tries toexplore how IS-SERVCON influences IS success. Finally, we explore howIS-SERVCON affects success of collaborat ive product commerce, i.e.,improved individual performance, user satisfact ion, and re-use rate/intent ion.The IS-SERVCON scale and related research framework proposed in thisresearch not only can be direct ions for improving efficiency and lead tosuccess of collaborat ive product commerce for pract it ioners, but also can bedirect ions and theoret ical foundat ions for future research.
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-039-MY2
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