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標題: 具普遍式計算功能之多模式服務導向計算範型
Pervasive Computing Enabled Multimodal Service Oriented Computing Paradigm
作者: 張樹之
關鍵字: 應用研究;Pervasive Computing;資訊科學軟體;普遍式計算;多模式平台;數位生活應用;科技化服務與應用;科技化觀光系統;服務導向架構;使用者研究;科技整合;Multimodal Platform;Digital Life Applications,e-Services & Applications;e-Tourism System;Service Oriented Architecture,User Study;Technology Integration
本計畫以從事於普遍式計算、多模式平台、及服務導向計算之科技整合為目標。研究計畫書所提之三年計畫,融入了這些現代資訊科技之運用方式,以及其他現有技術與組成元件,針對『具普遍式計算功能之多模式服務導向計算框架與應用』以及其『相關技術的管理關鍵重點』加以研究探討與實作。 除此之外,本計畫亦將延續目前正在進行中的計畫名稱為『旅遊服務業之服務導向計算技術與應用』之國科會專題研究計畫,以期能將業已從中獲得之經驗加以應用,並且加入目前極先進的普遍式計算技術而將其加以擴展。 然後,本研究將發展出一個服務導向計算範型(paradigm),以及其中能支援普遍式裝置的基礎構造與相關技術。 本計畫也將實際設計與製作範例應用程式,再以此範例應用程式來展示及說明如何依據本計畫發展出之方式來開發相關之商業應用程式。 除了技術上的設計與開發實作外,本研究亦將針對使用者的觀感與接受度,以及本研究提出的方法與其他傳統方法之比較,加以探討以明瞭其優缺點,而此項研究成果可以用來改良本研究之服務導向計算範型。

This project aims to work on the integration of Pervasive Computing, multimodalplatform, and Service Oriented Computing (SOC) technologies. By incorporating thesecontemporary information technology (IT) approaches, as well as adopting other readilyavailable methodologies and components, we are going to conduct this proposed threeyear project dealing with the research and implementation of the Pervasive Computingenabled multimodal SOC framework and applications, together with their correspondingtechnology management issues. In addition, this proposed project will also continue theefforts of our current on-going NSC project titled 「Service Oriented ComputingTechnology and Application for Tourism Industry」, by utilizing the lesson and experiencelearned from this on-going project and enhancing it to incorporate the state-of-the-artPervasive Computing technologies. Afterwards, we plan to derive a multimodal SOCparadigm, which presents a suitable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) together with itsuitable infrastructure and technology support for pervasive devices. Finally, sampleapplications will be designed and implemented to demonstrate how to developapplications based on the proposed Pervasive Computing enabled multimodal SOCapproach. In addition, user study and comparison analysis will also be conducted tomanifest the advantage and disadvantage of the proposed approach. The findings from theuser study and comparison analysis can be used to refine the proposed approach andtechnical design for increasing the odds of success of our Pervasive Computing enabledmultimodal SOC paradigm.
其他識別: NSC96-2221-E005-088-MY2
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