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標題: 一個可增強商務功能與企業服務之網路供餵系統及其應用(I)
A Web Feed Based System with Applications for Enhancing Business Functions & Enterprise Services(I)
作者: 張樹之
關鍵字: 應用研究;Web feed;工業工程類;網路供餵系統;播客;行動商務;科技管理;供應鏈管理;企業資訊服務;顧客關係管理;科技整合;Podcast;M-commerce;Technology management;Supply chainmanagement;Enterprise information service;Customer relationship management
因為其被使用的情形快速增長,『播客 (Podcast)』 這個新英文字,兩年前被新牛津美語字典(New Oxford American Dictionary)認定為2005 年的風雲字彙 (Word of the Year)。當『播客』成為一種最普遍的聯合網路供餵(Syndication Web Feed)技術之一的同時,『如何善加利用此項新興技術』也漸漸成為一個值得研究的題目。 本研究之目標為: 研究調查『播客』技術在增強商務功能與企業服務上之潛力與優勢,並且將此『播客』技術的研究調查成果,提供給業界之公司高層主管及企業決策者參考運用。本研究計畫書所提之三年計畫,融入了『播客』相關技術與現代資通訊科技之運用方式,以及與其他現有技術與組成元件的整合開發,針對『網路供餵系統架構與平台(Web Feed Based System Architecture and Platform)』以及其相關技術的管理關鍵重點,加以研究探討與實作。本計畫將研究發展出二或三個觀念應用範型(ConceptualModel),以整合能支援二或三個應用領域 (例如: 供應鏈管理、企業資訊服務、及顧客關係管理) 的基礎架構與相關技術。 本研究計畫亦將從事實際設計與製作範例應用程式,再以此範例應用程式來展示及說明如何依據本計畫發展出之方式來開發相關之商業應用程式。 除了技術上的設計與開發實作外,本研究亦將針對使用者的觀感與接受度,以及本研究提出的增強商務功能與企業服務的方法與其他方法加以比較,以探討明瞭其優缺點。 而此項研究成果亦可用來改良本研究之網路供餵系統及其應用範型。

Just two years ago, the term ‘podcast' was considered for inclusion in the New OxfordAmerican Dictionary (NOAD). One year later, ‘podcast' was not only being added into thedictionary but also declared by NOAD editors as the Word of the Year for 2005, inrecognizing the rapid growth of podcast. While podcast is becoming one of the most popularsyndication web feeds, how to take advantage of this promising technology has shown up asan emerging topic throughout the podcast world. The purpose of this research project is tofind out the advantage of using podcast for enhancing applicable business functions andenterprise services, and to acquaint business executives and decision makers with itscommercialization potentials. A qualitative case study approach was adopted in our researchto explore subject matter experts' experiences and feelings concerning adaptability of podcastto business applications, and moreover their expectations of podcast as a business interactionand communication medium.This research will also try to propose conceptual models for taking advantage of theunique strength of podcast to overcome the limitations of traditional communication channelsand for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of existing business practices. Afterwards,this research will focus on designing and implementing a web feed based system architectureplatform (WFBSAP), and then applying WFBSAP to various application domains such assupply chain management, customer relationship management, Internet marketing,m-commerce (including m-training and m-learning), and enterprise information services. Thelast but never the least, it is imperatively important to research on both technical andnon-technical limitations and barriers to the success of the proposed WFBSAP enhancedservices and applications, by using the WFBSAP application prototypes built through thisproject as the test bed. The underlying factors influencing audiences' adoption of podcastenhanced services and applications will be identified and investigated, and after that, thecorresponding business implications will also be suggested. Our research findings may bereferenced by business executives and decision makers for the purpose of making favorablebusiness tactics and catching the revolutionary opportunity and benefit of the podcasttechnology.
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-067
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