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標題: The Verification of the Visual Information Assessment and Training System in Perceptual Skill for Sport Referee's Executive Judgment
作者: 陳進發
關鍵字: 比賽情境;competition simulation;教育學;影像訓練;判決知能;應用研究;video training;judgment of perceptual skill
The Verification of the Visual Information Assessment andTraining System in Perceptual Skill for Sport Referee'sExecutive JudgmentThe purpose of this research is to verify the validity of the visual informationassessment and training system and to proof the effect of the application by thissystem in perceptual skill and executive accomplishment for Baseball, Volleyball,Taekwondo, and Judo. Competition video will be digitally recorded and properly editin the sports of Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo, and Judo. Processed video clipswill be categorized in various situations with program to achieve visual informationassessment and training system. Through computer network and audio-videostreaming technology, the system is expected to enhance referee's executive judgment,acquaintance in various situations, and rule execution.Total of 240 participants from the sports of Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo,and Judo are randomly selected. Each sport consists of 30 participants who qualifiedas national level B referees and 30 participants who qualified as national level Creferees. Participants are required to view the video and respond to the timing andcorrectness of the judgment. Upon completion of the training course, training resultshall appear immediately that allows participants to re-conduct the training systemaccording to the result. Through pre and post-test, the ANOVA, Pearson ProductMoment Correlation and Known Group Difference statistics methods are used toevaluate the validity and reliability of the system. We expect this system not onlyprovide an effective training platform for Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo, andJudo referee's executive judgment but also to enhance the quality of referees in ruleexecution. The result of this research may form into a model and imitate by othersports for referee training and seminar. With support of this system, the performanceof judgment technique of referees can be significantly promoted.

運動裁判執法判決知覺技能視覺資訊評估與訓練系統之驗證本研究目的在於檢定籃球、排球、跆拳道及柔道裁判執法判決知覺技能視覺資訊評估及訓練系統之信效度及驗證該系統對這幾項運動裁判臨場執法表現之成效,本系統係透過對正式籃球、排球、跆拳道及柔道雙方選手比賽情況,配合裁判執法判決的結果,以數位攝影機拍攝比賽判決實況,觀察蒐集各種不同判決類型的判例實況錄影,加以剪輯搭配電腦程式設計完成電腦輔助運動裁判執法判決知覺技能評估及訓練系統,透過網路串流讓運動裁判在實際上場執法前,有更多實況錄影的比賽情境操作,增進裁判知覺技能,培養狀況的熟悉度,提昇臨場執法知覺技能水準。系統信效度檢定採隨機抽樣國內籃球、排球、跆拳道及柔道裁判每項運動C級及B 級以上證照裁判各30 位共240 位為研究對象,受測者就所觀看之影片內容,以滑鼠分別操作執行判定的時機準確性與判決正確性。測試完成後系統將立即呈現其結果,完成評估作業後受測者可根據測試的結果實施訓練系統的操作,本研究以變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關、「已知組間差異法」及t 檢定檢驗評估及訓練系統的信效度。並結合臨場裁判執法表現評量驗證本系統成效,接受本系統評估或訓練系統操作前後對於臨場表現是否呈現顯著差異。本系統的研發除了可以提供籃球、排球、跆拳道及柔道裁判執行判定的評估,應可提升裁判執行判定的水準。透過本研究驗證成效後可推廣至其他運動項目,依據相同原理,設計各項適合情境內容,應用於各運動項目的裁判講習訓練課程,提昇各運動項目的裁判執行判定績效,增進裁判執法技術水準。
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-061
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