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標題: 鄉村景觀生態環境管理整合性評估方法之建立
Model Constructures of Rural Landscape Ecology Management
作者: 吳振發
關鍵字: rural landscape planning;鄉村景觀規劃;土木水利工程類, 農藝;habit suitability;landscape change simulation;landscape restoration;mathematic planning;棲地適宜性;景觀變遷模擬;景觀復育;數學規劃;基礎研究
鄉村具有生產、高景觀美質、完整生態系統等特色與功能,然而都市擴張、高強度農業發展、伐林等人類行為干擾,導致其機能逐漸喪失,有鑑於此世界各國紛紛進行鄉村景觀生態環境管理的相關研究。本研究目的在於「建立鄉村景觀生態環境管理整合性評估方法」,擬以三年時間進行整合性評估方法建構與驗證,主要的研究內容包括三年度的四季鳥類調查與分析、鄉村景觀生態環境管理評估層級建立(AHP 法)與敏感區位分析(疊圖法)、鳥類棲地適宜性模式建立與敏感區位分析(二元邏輯特迴歸法)、鳥類與景觀結構相關性分析(皮爾森相關性分析)、鄉村景觀變遷模式修正( 專家問卷法)、鄉村景觀生態環境管理策略景觀變遷模擬(CLUE-s)、景觀生態結構差異性分析(景觀生態指數)及比較(ANOVA)、鄉村景觀生態廊道復育策略規劃(模擬退火法)等。研究成果除可驗證景觀變遷、景觀生態規劃、景觀生態復育等景觀生態學上重要的研究主題外,並可產出理性規劃成果,作為現階段鄉村地區短、中期策略研擬、土地使用計畫、景觀生態規劃之依據,有助於鄉村景觀生態環境品質與健康度之提升。

The functions of rural landscape are production, environmental protection,landscape aesthetic, and ecosystem preserve. Urbanization, agriculturedevelopment and deforest decrease those functions. Now, landscape ecologicalmanagement in rural is a major issue in the world. By the way, this three yearsresearch will set a novel approach for rural landscape ecological management.This approach combines the bird investigate, AHP, mapping, logistic regression,Pearson correlation test, CLUE-s (the Conversion of Land Use and its Effect Smallregional extent model) model, expert questionary, ANOVA, MANOVA andsimulated annealing. Conclusions of this study could demonstrate those issues oflandscape change, landscape ecological planning and landscape restoration in studyarea. Moreover, its useful for strategy planning, land use planning, landscapeecological planning in rural area for promote landscape environmental quality andhealth.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-046
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