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標題: TiO2與Pt/TiO2系統對單氯酚光分解之研究
The Study on monochlorophenol degradation in TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 Photocatalysis Process
作者: 黃碧瑩
Huang, Pi-Ying
關鍵字: Titanium Dioxide;二氧化鈦;Photocatalyst;Monochlorophenol;Chemical Vapor Deposition;光觸媒;單氯酚;化學氣相沉積法
出版社: 環境工程學系
以CVD法製備TiO2觸媒並對觸媒進行改質,經由XRD分析後,證實將製備完成之TiO2觸媒浸於高濃度之 ,並照射365nm UV光24小時,確實可將鉑擔持於TiO2觸媒,且發現改質前後並不會對觸媒本身晶形(anatase)造成改變。

This research studied the heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of aqueous monochlorophenol solution by UV/TiO2 and UV/Pt-TiO2 processes in a batch reactor with coated TiO2 on pyrex tube.
The experimental equipment was a batch recycle system. The controlled parameters included concentration of monochlorophenol and pHs. The reaction kinetic model could be established with the analyses of TOC, HPLC, and IC, varied with reaction time. Moreover, the effect of various parameters on reaction efficiency was expected to study.
The TiO2 thin film was prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and then to be modified it with irradiation of 365nm UV for 24 hours in high concentration of H2PtCl6˙6H2O solution. In the experimental results of the photocatalyst preparation, it was suggested that loaded Pt on TiO2 thin film will not change the anatase percentage with the analysis of XRD.
Photodegradation and mineralization were confirmed by HPLC and TOC measurements. After 240 minutes of reaction, the photodegradation ratio for 50ppm monochlorophenol reached 80% at high pH's. There was no evidently increasing of the degradation of monochlorophenol. It could be due to the excess amount of Pt loaded on TiO2 thin film and form metallicity Pt during the modified process. It might result in the depression of the photon absorption efficiency and entirely inhibited the photocatalytic reaction. On the aspects of mineralization, there was better mineralization at low concentration of 3-CP and 4-CP, and decreased with the increased of original concentration. On the aspects of Cl- production, TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 system presented the same tendency of chloride formation.
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