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標題: 與國際稻米研究所共同建立IR64品種之突變庫
Collaboration with International Rice Research Institute - Development of Mutation Pool for IR64 Rice Variety
作者: 王強生
關鍵字: 技術發展;Indica Rice;農藝;秈稻;突變庫;化學誘變;基因功能;Mutation Pool;Chemical Mutagenesis;Gene Function
水稻基因組已完全解序,未來基因註解為重要工作,而突變體為探討基因功能最佳材料。本研究與國際稻米研究所IRRI專家合作,利用疊氮化鈉進行秈稻品種IR64之誘變建立突變庫做為基因功能探討與新特性品種開發之依據。本年度繼續進行:1.誘變後代M7與M8世代之栽培管理,性狀調查與純化;2.建立突變庫農藝性狀資料庫,供後續外表型、突變基因型及基因體分析之基本資料;3.將注重快速生長株、脆稈、香氣水稻、澱粉(糯性)組成等突變體之純化及類似野生型之返祖(revertant)植株等特性進行篩選;4.建立SSR 與AFLP基因型分析系統;5.以SSR系統進行脆稈突變品系之基因定位與分子標誌開發。做為生質能源品種之開發及建立突變基因功能分析之基礎。

Rice genome has been sequenced the annotation of genomic sequences will be the most important task in the future. Mutants serve as valuable materials for gene functional studies. This project was initiated to establish a mutation pool for the most important indica variety of the world, IR64, using sodium azide mutagenesis in collaboration with the scientists at IRRI to obtain mutants for rice functional gene study and new variety development. The following investigations and experiments will be conducted this year: 1. Cultivation, phenotype investigation, and purification; 2. Establish of phenotype database for future phenotype analysis; 3. Mutants with variations in fast growth rate, brittle culm, aroma, starch mutant, and domestication related traits will be focused; 4. SSR and AFLP genotyping system will be established for mutant detection and genotyping; 5. The SSR genotyping system will be applied to map gene(s) responsible for brittle culm and to develop markers for variety development in the future. The achievements of this project will provide valuable materials, a novel mutation pool of indica rice, and system for the functional genomics study in rice.
其他識別: 101農科-4.1.1-科-a1(1)
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