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標題: 植物有害生物量化風險性評估技術之建立-以西方花薊馬為例
Establishment of quantitative risk assessment of plant pest - western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) as an example
作者: 蔣國司
關鍵字: 應用研究;Quarantine;植物保護類;檢疫;量化風險性評估;感染率;西方花薊馬;Quantitative risk assessment;Infested rate;Western flower thrips
本計畫擬利用已執行近10年的植物疫病害蟲偵測鑑定系統之資料庫,針對西方花薊馬彙整輸入農產品或介質、輸入地區與國別、檢出次數與頻率等相關資料,並配合此害蟲之適生地分布、生活史與生態特性資料之收集,依照入侵後果(Consequence of Invasion)即入侵可能性 (Likelihood of Invasion)的各種參數,進行其量化之風險分析。此風險評估技術之建立將可運用於其他重要檢疫管制類害蟲之量化風險評估,提供檢疫人員與決策者參考。

The database of Quarantine Information System (QIS) has been conducted about 10 years, and many information about imported area, agricultural products and detected frequency of quarantine pests in it can be used for the risk assessment. The data in QIS and collections of basic information of distribution, damage, life table as well as other biological and ecological characteristics will used to evaluate the parameters of ‘Consequence of Invasion' and ‘Likelihood of Invasion' for the quantitative risk assessment of west flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis ).
其他識別: 101農科-10.1.1-檢-B2(1)
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