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標題: 台灣地區河川型態調查研究
Investigation of River Morphology in Taiwan
作者: 陳樹群
關鍵字: 技術發展;土木水利工程類, 水土資源保育, 防災工程;Sinuosity;蜿蜒;沖積河川;河相學;造床流量;Alluvial River;River Morphology;Bankfull Discharge

The purpose of this study is to set up the river morphology in Taiwan. It can contribute the advanced knowledge to the type of stream, the structure of basin, and the characteristics of river etc. by field observations and theoretical analysis. The objective of classifying streams on the basis of channel morphology is to set categories of discrete stream types so that consistent, reproducible descriptions and assessments of condition and potential can be developed. And these results maybe offer the references to engineers as they plan or design rivers.
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