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標題: 中小型水庫集水區治理成效及土砂整治率評估計畫
Watershed of Small and Medium Reservoirs Management Effects and Sediment Completed Ratio Studies
作者: 陳樹群
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類;應用研究;Reservoir watershed;水庫集水區;泥砂遞移率;整治率;Sediment delivery ratio;Completed ratio
水庫保育工作乃為一長期性之治理措施,為促進國內的水庫永續經營發展,使有限的水資源發揮最大效益,則更須深入探討與評估各項保育工作之治理成效及整治效果。 為具體呈現各項保育工程之整治效果,本研究將持續蒐集與彙整「中小型水庫保育整體計畫」之相關資料,並就土砂整治的觀點,透過泥砂遞移率與整治率等量化方式加以說明,以深入進行水庫集水區土砂整治率成效評估工作,具體評估水庫保育工作之治理成效,俾利以提出完整之執行成果報告。最後,藉由整體保育資料查詢系統之建構,將可提供未來水庫保育計畫進行規劃及評估工作之參考依據。

The reservoirs conservation work belongs to the long-term management practice. For developing the sustainable management of reservoirs and the best effect of limited water resource, it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the reservoirs conservation work. This study is planning to collect and arrange all data of the program, The Integral Conservation Plan For Watersheds of Small and Medium Reservoirs. Then, applying the concept of the sediment delivery ratio and the completed ratio with a view to sediment management to assess the effectiveness of the reservoirs conservation work and provide the final reports. In the future, the results should be practical and convenient in planning and evaluating the reservoirs conservation by way of establishing the information system of the integral reservoirs conservation data.
其他識別: MOEA/WRB900025
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