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標題: 水庫集水區崩塌地潛勢分析及崩塌土方量估算之研究(3/3)
The Evaluation Study of Landslide Susceptibility and Landslide Size in Reservoir Watersheds (3/3)
作者: 陳樹群
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類, 水土資源保育;應用研究;reservoir watershed;水庫集水區;崩塌地;崩塌潛勢;landslide;landslide susceptibility

Shallow and deep landslide can dominate sediment transport in steep, soil-mantled landscapes. Landslides are also a serious problem causing soil and water disasters and are the major sediment source of watersheds in Taiwan's reservoirs. Although reservoirs can dredge to prolong their life spans, as well as use the treatment to improve the water quality. However, it is far better to achieve those purposes through effective watershed sediment management. The landslide research and control are the easiest way.Last year, the study focused on establishing the assessment model for the landslide potential caused by rainfall events, the evaluation of the landslide sizes, and the sediment delivery ratios of the sub-watersheds. This study will continue the result of the program, entitled "The Evaluation Study of Landslide Potential and Landslide Volume in Reservoir Watersheds (2/3)," and amend the landslide potential assessment and the estimation of landslide volume in watersheds. Furthermore, the research will correct the evaluation of the landslide size and the sediment yield of the watersheds. In the future, the results should be practical and convenient in planning and evaluating the reservoirs conservation by way of applying the evaluation model of the watershed sediment management.
其他識別: MOEAWRA0950051
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