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標題: 氣候與地震劇變對堰塞湖演變機制及災害防治之研究-子計畫:堰塞湖防災工程之方案研擬
A Research on the Mitigation Methods for Landslide Dams
作者: 游繁結
關鍵字: 防災工程, 土木水利工程類;應用研究;landslide dammed lake;堰塞湖;防災;安全評估;決策流程;disaster prevention;safety evaluation;decision process

The purpose of this project, A Research on the Mitigation Methods for Landslide Dams, is to study the effectiveness of engineering treatments for reducing risks of dam breaching and prevent secondary hazards. This project will firstly review the environment characteristics and the fundamental data of landslide dam lakes then to perform in-situ investigations. The formation and failure processes of landslide dammed lakes should be discussed with considering the conditions of local geomorphology, geology and hydrology. This is to better understand the hazard system and the evolution of landslide dammed lakes. Secondary, this project studies the mitigation methods for various failure mechanisms, such as overflow, cracking, erosion, seepage and sliding. The mitigation treatments will be numerically analyzed for their safety contribution by using finite element method. Due to the emergency treatments for landslide dammed lakes is generally time constrained, a quick safety evaluation model is necessary. Therefore, this project applies decision tree model and Rosenblueth's point estimate method to evaluate the stable condition, failure risk, and mitigation treatments for landslide dammed lakes. This study plans to develop "quick safety evaluation and decision process of landslide dammed lakes" for practical applications. Finally, the decision process will be applied to the selected in-situ test site for further validation and verification.
其他識別: NSC99-2625-M005-009-MY3
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