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標題: 考慮時間空間尺度之坡地災害及受災潛勢研究-子計畫:考慮時空尺度之邊坡破壞與運動堆積行為研究
Slope Failure and Its Kinematic Behavior in Terms of Temporal and Spatial Effects
作者: 張光宗
關鍵字: 環保工程;應用研究

The mountainous areas of Taiwan are prone to landslides under the attack of heavyrainfall and earthquake due to the steepness and complex geological condition of slopes.Hazard assessment of mountainous areas is helpful for the decision make in land use andremediation measures. However, hazard assessment needs the evaluation of slope failurepossibility and its runout. The Lushan landslide site has experienced several significantmovements in recent decades. The hazard assessment of the landslide needs to take accountof long term geological time effect and its motion and deposition behavior after completefailure.This project will study slope failure and its motion and deposition behavior in terms ofthe effects of geological time, scale, geomorphology and geology. In first year, the finiteelement method will be used to study the mechanisms of progressive failure and creep withrespect to some cases. Then in the second year, we will establish the methods and proceduresto determine the mico-parameters in distinct element method. Case study will be performedthrough the discontinuum mechanics and continuum mechanics methods. The motion anddeposition characteristics will be investigated with respect to different scale, geomorphology,and geology. In the third year, we will conduct hazard assessment for the Lushan landslide.Moreover, the numerical modes will be used for finding important factors and criteria inhazard assessment of a small catchment area.
其他識別: NSC99-2625-M005-006-MY3
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