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標題: 颱洪時期水庫泥砂問題之研究-子計畫:植生河段泥砂運移特性之分析
Analysis of Characteristic of Sediment Transport through the Vegetated Reach
作者: 謝平城
關鍵字: 環保工程;應用研究

The influences of upstream landslide and sediment transport lead todeposition in reservoirs. The service time of the reservoir decreases because ofthe sediment transported by floods. Among the dredging methods, thehydro-flushing is the most effective and economical one. This study is aimed atanalyzing the sediment transport released by the hydro-flushing in a vegetatedchannel. This study will numerically and experimentally investigate thesediment transport and flow characteristics. The local flow velocities aroundand within a vegetative zone for different vegetation densities, discharges, andflume slopes will be measured. The influence of vegetation on the measuredvelocity profiles and turbulent characteristics will be analyzed. Ahydrodynamic numerical model with sediment transport modules for flowpassing through an open channel that is partially filled with the vegetationzones will also be developed. The experimentally results can be reflected tovalidate the developed numerical model. Results are expected to understand thehydraulic behaviors of flow through vegetation and support the management offluvial processes. This study will be executed in three years. In the first year,the goal is to build the numerical model. In the second year, the experiment willbe carried out to calibrate and verify the model. In the third year, theapplication will be performed.
其他識別: NSC100-2625-M005-005-MY3
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