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標題: The Effects of Selenium Priming on Low Temperature Vigor Responses of Bitter Gourd Seedlings
作者: 宋濟民
關鍵字: 應用研究;園藝
Selenium, an essential trace element, is known to play a crucial role in antioxidation in biological organism.As an antioxidant, selenium stimulates the activity of glutathione peroxidase ( GPX )which is capable of scavenging hydroperoxides.After sodium selenite was used to priming the seeds of two bitter gourd ( Momordica charantia L. )cultivars ( Special six, and Moon shine ), we can evaluated the relationship among seed quality, GPX and antioxidant mechanism by detecting the physiological and biochemistry characteristics.

硒是穀胱甘肽 過氧化酵素( GPX )主要活化部位的組成物, 硒的含量多寡可決定穀胱甘太過氧化酵素活性的高低; 此一酵素是有效的抗氧化酵素, 可保護種子免於氧化傷害.本計劃擬延續過去之研究結果, 將苦瓜種子硒萌爆處理2ppm後置於25℃、20℃及15℃發芽, 然後調查其幼苗生長勢, 並分析幼苗根、莖、葉內抗氧化酵素之活性.此外並另行, 將25℃下發芽育成之幼苗置於15及20℃下處理4天, 然後再移於25℃下, 調查其在低溫處理及回溫下, 植株內抗氧化能力之變化情形.藉由檢測各項生理特性, 以探討幼苗品質與穀胱甘太過氧化酵素及其相關抗氧化機制間之關係, 及硒萌爆處理種子是否能改善幼苗內穀胱甘太之生理代謝, 並從而提昇種子之品質.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.2-糧-Z1(1)
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