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標題: 樹豆系統間農藝性狀的變異
Variation of Agricultural Character of Pigeon Pea
作者: 葉茂生
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
本年度就收集台灣地區原住民部落栽種之樹豆60個系統及國外引進之30個系統, 合計為90個系統為材料, 種植於中興大學試驗田.生育期間調查各農藝性狀, 及做各系統間之歸群分析( cluster analysis ), 同時利用逢機擴增多型性DNA( RAPDs )分析, 研究台灣地區60個系統間遺傳變異與親屬關係.主要研究架構如下: ( 一 )各系統間農藝性狀調查.( 二 )各系統間之歸群分析.( 三 )逢機擴增型多型性DNA分析.由以上分析藉以了解台灣地區樹豆系統間變異情形, 篩選優良的系統, 做為推廣品種之用, 並進而進行樹豆之遺傳、育種研究, 以作為育種上親本材料之參考.

Ninty strains collected from Taiwan ( 60strains ), India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Australia and ICRISAT were planted in Department of Agronomy, Chung-Hsing University to investigate the agronomic characters of the plant from the Seedling stage to maturity.The use of cluster analysis and radom amplified polymorphic DNA ( RAPDs )techniques to research the genetic variation and intraspecific relationships of pigeon pea in Taiwan.The main structure of research as follows: 1.To investigate the agronomic characters of the plant.2.Cluster analysis.3.Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis.Studied on the intraspecific variations of pigeon pea in Taiwan, in order to understand the plant characters and genetic background for the purpose of intraspecific hybridization of pigeon pea.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z3(7)
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