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標題: 紅豆成熟期落葉性之遺傳研究
Studies of Inheritance on Leaf Abscission of Adzuki Bean
作者: 曾富生
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
本計畫目標: 探討紅豆種之成熟期落葉性之特性, 以及與產量之關係, 提供育種選拔之應用, 期早日育成落葉性佳及豐產的品種, 以解決農民落葉劑濫用的問題.重要工作項目: 將紅豆16個品種於春秋作各種植一次, 田間採逢機完全區集設計( RCBD ), 四重複, 每小區種植60株, 於開花期後每7天逢機採5株調查一次, 調查落葉率及其他等農藝性狀進行變方及變積分析, 以估算各性狀表現型及遺傳型相關等遺傳介量, 並試以非線性Logistic迴歸進行各生育期葉綠素含量與成熟期落葉性之關係分析.預期效益: 可估算紅豆成熟期落葉性之表現型及遺傳型相關, 並瞭解紅豆不同生育期落葉性與產量間之關係.

The objective of this project is to investigate the inheritance of leaf abscission in adzuki bean and the relationship between leaf abscission and yield, to breed the good quality and high yield variety, and reduce the use of chemicals.A total of sixteen varieties will be planted twice a year in spring and fall.The degree of leaf abscission and other agronomical characters will be scored in random selected five plants after flowing once a week.The parameters of the relationship between the phenotype and genotype of leaf abscission at maturity can be estimated, and the relationship between the degree of leaf abscission at developmental stages and yield can be further understanded in this project.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z3(8)
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