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標題: 稻米貯藏期間氧化狀態以及抗氧化能力的變化
Changes of Oxidative Status and Antioxidant Ability during Rice Seed Storage
作者: 陳宗禮
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
( 5 )901538--計畫英文摘要Rice is one of most important staple in Taiwan.Every consumer concerns about rice quality as the income levels increase.To meet this demand, indexes of rice quality must be developed and established.After harvesting, rice grains will be stored for a period of times before consumed.In seed during post-harvest dry storage, metabolic activity is extremely low.Under such conditions the random hits by the unstable radicals on membranes and macromoleculars may continue in the absence of cellular repair activity.This may be one of the reasons for loss of seed viability or quality.There are a number of reports and reviews on seed aging and loss of viability or quality which refer to accumulation of free radicals.It has been suggested that much of the loss in vigor in seeds as they age, is due to oxidative free radical reaction.This leads to loss of compartmentalization when the seed imbibes water during germination.Loss of compartmentalization would in turn release degradative enzymes that could adversely affect the integrity and thus the activity of protective enzymes.Recent evidence showed that deterioration of seeds during aging is frequently thought to involve oxidative damage which could be prevented or counteracted by antioxidant substrates or enzymes.In the present work, we investigate free radical content, physicochemical changes, total oxidative status and antioxidative enzyme systems in six rice varieties ( Taikeng 8, Taikeng 9, Taichung Sen 10, Taichung 189, Kaohsiung 142, and Tainung 67 )during storage at different temperatures.Our aim is expected to find out a reliable index to discriminate the freshness quality of milled rice.

稻米是國人消耗的最大宗糧食, 不論國內自行生產抑或進口之稻米, 有關稻米品質、新鮮度等一直倍受消費者重視.水稻種子於收穫調製後, 雖然含水量降低, 但尚為活的有機體, 具有生命力的種子在貯藏期間漸漸喪失活力, 其品質亦隨著改變, 這種現象即為生物個體的老化過程.許多研究證實生物體的老化係氧化狀態的改變以及抗氧化能力漸漸減少所致, 因而導致種子內含物質消耗, 組成分子的物理化學特性改變, 細胞或胞器的膜系喪失完整性, 酵素蛋白質的特性改變或喪失活性, 遺傳物質的損壞等.一般生物體本身具有抗氧化能力, 種子本身可以透過自身的抗氧化物質以及各種抗氧化酵素系統, 兩者共有發揮作用, 以減緩貯藏期間氧化自由基所導致的氧化傷害.稻穀在貯藏期間, 由於各種氧化自由基的作用持續進行, 因此稻穀的氧化狀態及抗氧化能力一直在改變.本計劃擬以台&
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z1(1)
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