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標題: Studies on Relationship between the Branching Structure of Panicle and Large Vascular Bundle Number of Panicle Neck Internode in Rice
作者: 顏吉甫
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
Each of yield component, which is spikelet number per panicle, filled-spikelet percentage and grain weight indicated that the quality and quantity characteristics of rice grain in the ripening process are greatly influenced by the rate of assimilate transport into developing panicles.Another, the investigations evidence indicated that accumulation of assimilates by developing kernel of rice was closely correlated with vascular bundle number in panicle neck internode.The large vascular bundles in the rachis consisted of large vascular bundles entering from the primary rachis branch and the secondary branch.Some variety, the primary rachis branch entered from each primary branch to the rachis and travelled down to the neck internode without fusion.But, the secondary branch doesn't enter the rachis.Therefore, a close relationship between grain yield, branching structure of panicle and the large vascular bundle number in panicle neck internode was also observed.From these result suggests that attempts to understand and control the mechanism for partitioning is important for increase grain yield and quility characteristics of grain in rice, which is connected with the rachis type and physiological function in rice tissue.The study purpose explore the morphology of vascular bundles number in painicle neck internode and the branching structure of panicle characteristics.The technical anatomy were used in this study.Experiment material contained iaponica and indica cultivars rice.This knowledge would be useful in evaluation for quality and quantity characteristics capacity of rice grain.

生理研究上, 榖粒成熟期間, 稻穀產量構成要素的變化易受光合產物轉運速率所影響.又光合產物轉運蓄積與穗頸節間維管束數目間呈現正相關結果.水稻穗軸大維管束係由一次及二次枝梗大維管束所構成, 爾後前者進入穗頸節間大維管束, 但後者依品種而異.故穗頸節間大維管束數目與穗的分枝結構型態間具有密切相關, 並且影響水稻子實收量.因此, 欲提高稻穀產量和品質, 宜建立在良好的穗軸形態和生理機能上, 促使光合產物獲得適當分配.本分項試驗種植秈、&
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z1(5)
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