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標題: 甘藷周皮抽出物與腐生性茄鐮孢菌對雜草與作物種子發芽之影響
The Effects of Sweet Potato Root Peridem Extracts and Fusarium solani on Seed Germination of Weed and Crops
作者: 周煒裕
關鍵字: 植物保護類, 農藝;應用研究
一、 計畫目標: 台灣甘藷近年來的栽培面積, 每年約在10000公頃以上, 僅次於水稻與落花生之栽培面積, 因此, 甘藷的周皮( periderm ), 一般所謂的表皮, 廢棄量頗多, 值得開發利用.腐生性茄鎌孢菌( Fusarium solani )為一種會導致植物根部腐敗的微生物, 可作為雜草發芽與生長的抑制劑.本計劃擬利用本土農作物廢棄物( 甘藷周皮 )的植物相剋物質及腐生性茄鎌孢菌( Fusarium solani )做為材料, 分析其對雜草種子發芽之抑制效果及使用條件.二、 重要工作項目: 塊根周皮材料之生產與萃取.周皮抽出物濃度對雜草種子發芽之影響.腐生性茄鐮孢菌之大量培養及其對雜草種子發芽之影響.作物及雜草種子發芽抑制試驗.三、 預期效益: 找出周皮抽出物量大而且對雜草抑制效果佳的台灣甘藷品種.找出對雜草抑制效果佳的腐生性茄鐮孢菌.以上兩者對玉米、毛豆、小白菜與雜草種子發芽之抑制效果, 評估發展本土天然除草劑之可行性.

The culture area of sweet potato is above 10000hectares in recent year.Abundant of surface tissues ( peel, periderm )of the roots are considered as waste, and sweet potato periderm appears to contain a high concentration of potentially allelopathic substances against weed seed germination.In addition, it is found that Fusarium solani is one of the infectious source of root rot disease.Both of root periderm and Fusarium solani are used as mateials for the study of biological weed germination control.The project includes production of root periderm and the trials for extraction, the effect of root extracts concentrations on weed seed germination, the culture of Fusarium solani and its usage to control weed seed germination, and the effect of both together.The hopeful varieties for effective root extract and the usage of Fusarium solani are likely to be validated, and the results may use as criteria of developing biological weed control agents.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z4(8)
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