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標題: 台灣脈葉蘭屬植物之收集、物種間之性狀變異研究及主要成分分析之研究(I)
Studies on the Collection, Variation of Characters and Main Component Analysis of Nervilia Species in Taiwan (I)
作者: 葉茂生
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
脈葚葉俸蘭鶿為偵臺O灣W之孝稀}有閉珍繹貴Q藥藹材驉,A藥蠔效蘑足洛以H媲B美?金鷜線u連s,A又S具蒩觀[賞鉬價靋值?,A但?民褻間㊣濫搊採艦且B未憧加[以H復_育|,A已w日暻漸扔稀}少痋。C有傅鑑痔於韟此飽,A除ㄖ利Q用帣組梒織敦培鷎養i的漱方隤法k建堨立艂快硈速t繁c殖犑技瑋術N外~,A本賑研膍究s對鴷台x灣W脈葚葉俸蘭囃屬搋進i行?1.族皒群s分壎布活、B生耵長衋環藿境牷、B植茠物咿性坁狀洶及峔其銗生肮活‘史v之局調晙查d,A並疆收炮集陘之均;F2.栽滶培鷅管瑊理z之妤探敦討Q;F3.物姿種媔間?藥藺性呇成角分壑分尷析R等斥試桲驗蝖,A以H開}發o新s作@物哄。C 本誚年~度袨就N收炮集陞台x灣W中丑、B南n部’地a區洃之妖脈葚葉俸蘭鶿為飢材鰹料?,A種奡植茤於韝中凶興酗大j學?溫贖室?,A生籵育|期褻間■調晙查d各U種媢農A藝孺性坁狀洶及峇不ㄕ同P栽滶培鬗介飭質銴之岐繁c殖瑏試桲驗蝖,A大j量q繁c殖煄,A供悎栽滶培鬗上W之妍參悁考牷。C

Nervilia species are native and rare curative in Taiwan. Nature of the curative can aompare with Anectochilus species. In addition, Nervilia have to see and enjoy value. Overuse of Nervilia by people exceeds for more than recultivation. so sparsity gradually. Because of this, Except use the best condition for plantlet regeneration through tissue culture. in order to establish a quickly propagation technique. the main structure of research as follows:(1)To investigate groups area. growth environment. agronomic characters. life cycle and collection;(2)To explore cultivate and management;(3)Component analysis of Nervilia species. Collected Nervilia species from Taiwan were Planted in Department of Agronomy, Chung-Hsing University, and their agronomic characters, life cycle and propagation test with different media will be investigate. The best method will apply on mass propagation and provide considerations for cultivation.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.1-糧-Z3(1)
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