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標題: 台灣野生大豆(一條根, Glycine tabacina, G. tomentella, G. dolichocarpa)主要成分之研究
Study on the Main Components of Wild Soybean (I-Tiao-Gung, Glycine tabacina, G. tomentella, G. dolichocarpa) in Taiwan
作者: 曾富生
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
計畫目標:分析台灣野生大豆Glycine tabacina的主要成分.架構(重要工作項目):材料:一年生之台灣野生大豆Glycine tabacina作為材料.方法: (1) 將收取之一年生G. tabacina根部洗淨後烘乾,取烘乾樣品粉碎後,以乙醇進行萃取兩天,過濾之萃取液濃縮後,以乙酸乙酯+水、正丁醇+水分別進行分離,得到之乙酸乙酯層、正丁醇層及水層,經濃縮後利用管柱層析法進行成分單離純化. (2) 將純化之成分結晶以UV、IR、MS、NMR等光譜分析法鑑定化學結構.預期效益:分析及鑑定野生大豆Glycine tabacina之主要成分.

Roots of one-year-old Glycine tabacina were dried, grounded and extracted with ethanol, followed by concentration. The composition of the concentrated extract was then separated with partitioning. The ethyl acetate, n-buthanol and water fractions were concentrated and purified by passing through different column chromatography. The structures of the crystals obtained after drying were identified by NMR, MS, IR and UV spectrometry.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.1-糧-Z3(6)
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