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標題: 改善新品種甘藷體胚分化流程之研究 (III)
Studies on Improving Somatic Embryogenesis of New Sweet Potato Cultivars (III)
作者: 周煒裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
甘藷為無性繁殖作物,改良現有品種易因多交(polycross)育種的遺傳分離,而將已聚集的優良性狀打散.因此,無性繁殖作物之誘變育種有其存在價值,因為大部分優良性狀未被改變.本年度擬利用前兩年已開發完成的甘藷體胚分化流程(固體與液體)做誘變處理的實際應用.主要利用nitrosourea處理癒合組織或懸浮細胞團,並篩檢再生的體胚是否為突變體.另使用低劑量nalidixic acid與hydroxyurea等DNA合成抑制劑,與誘變處理進行搭配,以干擾DNA合成過程,提高突變率.希望可增加多樣化有特色的葉用與塊根用甘藷品系,增加本地植物基因應用.

Sweet potato is one of the asexual propagation crops, good agronomic characteristics and eating qualities may be separated after polycross breeding. It is indispensable to apply mutation treatments to change just one or few characteristics of good cultivars. We are going to treat sweet potato callus or cell aggregates with nitrosourea, and select possible mutants among seedlings of converted somatic embryos. In order to increase mutation rate low doses of nalidixic acid and hydroxyurea, inhibitors of DNA synthesis, are applied as supplementary treatments to mutation protocols. We look forward to find out some useful mutants to increase sweet potato diversity of eating qualities.
其他識別: 91農科-3.1.1-糧-Z3(8)
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