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標題: 中草藥栽培及儲存之病蟲害調查與防治
The Investigation and Control of Pest of Cultivated and Storage Chinese Medical Herb
作者: 郭寶錚
關鍵字: 應用研究;pest;農藝, 植物保護類;病蟲害;栽培;儲存;cultivated;storage
本研究主要在調查國外進口及國內栽培中草藥之病害及蟲害種類及傳播方式,並分離鑑別及培養不同的病原及害蟲,並以非農藥防治或安全用藥來防治病蟲害,並提出綜合防治策略,以期提昇我國中草藥產業之發展。 將以本校農業試驗場及校區實驗田為基地,對中藥植物進行有機栽培,調查重要的病蟲害發生及感染源之傳播方法,並提供非農藥防治及安全用藥之防治策略。對本土栽培之中藥材等重要病蟲害田間發生、分佈及生態,及感染源之傳播方式等進行了解,以及有效防治方法之探討,進而提出防治重要病蟲害之時機及綜合防治策略,並對大量進口中藥材污染病蟲害之情形,經由分離、鑑定為檢疫之參考,以杜絕中藥材之污染及達成防疫之目標。

The objective of this research is to investigate the pest of cultivated and imported Chinese medical herb and the spreading method of those pests. In addition, the isolation, identification, and cultivation of those pathogens and pests will be implemented. To enhance the development of industrial technology in Chinese herbs, the non-chemical control and good agriculture practices will be used to protect the pest and disease as well as the integrated protection strategy will be provided.Several Chinese medical herbs were planted in the organic farm of both on campus and experimental station of National Chung Hsing University (NCHU). The important pests in the field and the infection sources will be investigated and the strategy of non-chemical control and good agriculture practices will be provided. Additionally, the imported Chinese medical herbs will be inspected to understand the infection situation of pests through the isolation and identification and to provide the reference of quarantine. The final target is to avoid the infection of imoorted Chinese medical herbs for quarantine.
其他識別: CCMP93-RD-035
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