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標題: 本土中草藥選種育種及GAP栽培研究(I)
Research on Selection, Breeding and Gap for Medical Herbs (I)
作者: 陳世雄
關鍵字: 應用研究;Natural herb;農藝;馬藍;菘藍;GAP栽培;選種;育種;液相層析指紋圖譜;指標成分;種原蒐集;strobilanthes cusia;Isatis tinctoria;germplasms;Good agricultural production;fingerprinting;heat-tolerance;indicator components
收集並探討中草藥菘藍及馬藥之種源,進行純化其基因型、建立優良農業操作模式、進行育種、選拔適應本地品種。 馬藍及菘藍為有效之抗病毒疾病草藥,本研究擬分離,並選育優良品系,供建立GAP栽培模式。選育高有效成分品系外,並重視耐高溫及耐浸水品系之選拔,以適應台灣氣候。GAP栽培對中草藥品質及有效成分之影響,及其主要成分指紋圖譜之建立,均為本研究之目標,最終目標在選育高品質及穩定的馬藍及菘藍品系,供本土GAP栽培之用。

Natural herb Ma-Lam (Strobilanthes cusia), and Sung-Lam (Isatis tinctoria) were chosed to collect and identify their germplasms, purify the genotypes, establish the good agricultural practices (GAP) model, analysis the effective components, and breed for the local elite lines.The native herb Ma-Lam, and Sung-Lam served as effective Chinese medicine. Lots of raw materials were imported from China privately without genotypically identified. Tissue culture protocols of the herbs are established first to produce enough pest-free plantlets. With genetically purified test, these materials are used to standardize the farming practices and analysis the effective chemical components. Mass propagation of the herbs from pest and disease-free seedling in cultural medium can be achieved. From this diversified materials, stress tolerance lines such as extreme temperature, water logging, and nutrients deficiency?HHHHHK etc. may selected for GAP in Taiwan.Good agricultural practices is necessary for good quality and stability of effective chemical components. Fingerprinting of chemical components and its seasonal fluctuations are analyzed to find the key indicator of the effective chemical components and proper harvesting time.Finally, high quality and stable genotypes of these herbs that suitable for local GAP and organic culture are breeded.
其他識別: CCMP93-RD-072
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