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標題: 台灣水稻稻熱病與白葉枯病流行病學之統計模式研析
The Epidemiological Investigation of the Rice Blast and Bacterial Blight of Rice in Taiwan-the Statistical Approach
作者: 蔣國司
關鍵字: 植物保護類, 農藝;應用研究

Epidemiology is the science of populations to study the development and spread of plant diseases as well as diseases forcasting and management. The project contains the methods of monitoring of the meteorological factors and the plant disease epidemics in the field and also of analysis of their relationships. We utilize the statistical multivate analysis to investigate the effect of environmental risk factors for the plant diseases. Also, the spatial statistics is used to gain an understanding of the mechanisms of dispersal to sort out the physical and biological factors that important for spread of plant pathogens and disease management. Finally, Geographic Information System (GIS) will be applied to data retrieval, storage, process, investiagte and presentation of the data spatial patterns.
其他識別: 93農科-1.7.2-檢-B2(4)
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