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標題: ABA在水稻幼苗缺水氧化傷害中的作用
Function of ABA in Water-Stress Induced Oxidative Damage in Rice Seedlings
作者: 朱德民
關鍵字: 應用研究;water stress;農藝;缺水逆境;過氧化作用;氧化傷害;抗氧化防禦系統;peroxidation;oxidative damage;antioxidative defense system
作物遭受缺水逆境,會累積大量ABA,ABA 的累積被認為是增加作物對逆境的適應能力。近年來發現,作物在缺水逆境下能產生大量活化氧族(active oxygenspecies, AOS),這些活化氧族可造成細胞膜脂質過氧化作用、蛋白質變性及DNA 氧化作用,即所謂氧化傷害;相伴地引誘抗氧化防禦系統作用,以減少氧化傷害。一些明顯證據顯示,ABA 可能與氧化傷害有關,ABA 可以增加活化氧族的產生,引誘抗氧化防禦系統作用。又不同濃度ABA 處理下氧化傷害與抗氧化防禦系統反應並不相同。顯然地,ABA 在缺水逆境下,與活化氧族的產生、抗氧化防禦系統的誘導過程中擔任某一種作用或角色。本計劃以水稻幼苗切離葉片為材料,進行一些試驗,欲探討下列幾個問題:1.不同缺水程度下,AOS 及抗氧化防禦系統的反應。2.不同ABA 濃度處理下,AOS 及抗氧化防禦系統的反應。3.在缺水逆境下,缺水、ABA、AOS 及抗氧化防禦系統的關係。4.在其他逆境如鹽分逆境下,AOS 及抗氧化防禦系統反應。以瞭解ABA 在缺水逆境所誘導的氧化傷害中作用的角色。

act as a signal for the acclimation to water stress. Recently, many evidences indicate thatunder water stress condition, reduced CO2 supply may give rise to the excessiveconcentration of active oxygen species (AOS) and cause so-called oxidative damage;subsequently an antioxidative defense system may be induced. Increasing evidenceindicates that water stress induced oxidative damage, antioxidative defense systemmaybe related to the action of ABA. Further, low concentration of ABA induced anantioxidative defense system against oxidative damage, but high concentration of ABAcaused a marked oxidative damage. From the above-mentioned evidences, it seems thatABA play a uncertain role in water stress induced oxidative damage.In this proposal, excised leaf from rice seedling will be used as the material andconduct the following experiments:1. To find out the effect of different degree of water stress on the level of AOS andantioxidative defense system.2. To find out the effect of different concentration of ABA on the level of AOS andantioxidative defense system.3. To find out a possible relationship between water stress, ABA, AOS andantioxidative defense system.4. To find out whether the sane responses as water stress in rice seedling subjected tosalinity stress.Finally, we tried to understand the role or function of ABA in water stress inducedoxygen damage in rice seedling.
其他識別: NSC93-2313-B005-039
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