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標題: 黃耆組織培養研究(II)
Studies on Masspropagation of Huang-Qi (Astragalus membranaceus) (II)
作者: 周煒裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
黃耆為大宗藥食均用之藥材。中藥材種類眾多,黃耆就佔台灣每年進口中藥總值約6%,金額約2.0億元。更重要者,品系不清、大陸產地品管不一,功效批次間向來紊亂,藥效與食用安全一直受到關切。將94年選出根部較大而優良的單株做為試驗材料,繼續改良組織培養系統。 1. 改善增殖芽體品質,擬藉由調整蔗糖、有機氮與paclobutrazol (PP333)改善之。 2. 改進試管苗發根,擬藉由滲透調節處理、透氣與添加tryptophan (auxin precursor)等改善之。 3. 組培苗田間生長的根部成分分析。本年計畫可望提高黃耆組織培養體系效率並獲得成分分析評估,極有助於保住優良單株。對高附加價值如黃耆注射液(已有台灣廠商2005獲准專利上市)生產等,極需單純且穩定材料的廠商,將多一選擇,避免完全依賴大陸產地。

Root of huang-qi (Astragalus membranaceus) is one of the famous and used worldwide traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It alone accounted for about 6% of the imported many and diverse herbal medicines in Taiwan every year. For long time, people are bothering about the ingredients stability of huang-qi because of no uniform cultivars and no regular sources. We have obtained some primary and important information about tissue culture of huang-qi from the results of last year. The objectives of this year are (1) to improve further quality of induced shoots by means of modifying sucrose, organic nitrogen and paclobutrazol concentrations, (2) to optimize the conditions for rooting of shoots in vitro by amending auxin precursor, e.g. tryptophan, and ventilation, (3) to analyze the effective ingredients of field-harvested roots of plants derived from tissue culture. After this year, we may get further promotions of masspropagation and ingredients analysis of huang-qi and it will benefit to maintain elite plants. We can start on getting roots of uniform cultivars regularly to offer materials for producing high-priced product, e.g. injection of root extract of huang-qi. It will be another choice for pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan.
其他識別: 95農科-6.1.3-糧-Z2(18)
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