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標題: 污水下水道管網系統最佳化水理設計之研究
作者: 張弘岳
關鍵字: 污水收集管線;固定管網配置;水理特性;動態規劃;階段;stage
出版社: 環境工程學系
在已成型的都市計畫區域內規劃污水收集管線時,由於地形的限制及其它地下管線的阻礙,其收集路徑可選擇性不高,故本研究乃就合理規劃之固定管網配置下,分析污水於收集管線中之流況及水理特性,考量管徑、坡度、流速、埋設深度等變數對管線埋設工程成本的影響,結合以迴歸分析方法所得之成本函數及運用系統分析方法建立之模式,藉由動態規劃原理的分階段(stage)求最佳解,最終整合各階段之最佳選擇形成全系統之最佳執行策略或方案(optimal policy)之特徵發展模式計算程序,輔以具強大計算功能且普遍被使用的電腦應用軟體做管線水理最佳化設計,期使規劃節省設計時間及建設經費。

A sewerage system is not only the most concerned construction, but also the significant indication of a country development. One of the purposes of the sewerage system is to maintain public sanitary and urban stream water ecosystem. As the cost of a sewerage system contains the installation of pipelines and the construction of the treatment plant. However the installation of pipelines dominates the major costs. Therefore, the preliminary design and organization of the pipeline system became a more important issue. Due to the limited budget, a practical and economical project is discussed in this thesis.
In a well developed city, existed geographic factors, and barriers from other underground pipelines confine the design of sewage works. As a result, this research is logically planned under the fixed pipe network. First, the sewage flow, water table, diameters of pipelines, slope, water velocity, and burying depth were analyzed. These factors affect the cost of pipeline construction. Then, the cost function from regression analysis and application system was employed to establish the best solution under the controlled running condition in different stages. Finally, an optimal policy is obtained to make the computing of piping handling and laying, which is then incorporated into a computer program. This project is predicted to save the construction time and also the cost of for sewage works. Hopefully, it will become a prevailing method to be followed.
The purpose of this study is to establish a computing system for a sewage system design. One can easily access and familiar with the system by simply store the basic information and even edit the settings. According to the case study, this system design is positive and effective in saving the construction cost and makes it possible.
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